Here’s the Zoom link to the 43rd Prometheus Awards ceremony Aug. 19, with past winner Sarah Hoyt to present Best Novel to Dave Freer and Heinlein Society/Trust leaders celebrating Heinlein’s legacy

Are you a fan of Sarah Hoyt? Dave Freer? Robert Heinlein?

If you love freedom-loving science fiction in the zestful, imaginative, adventurous and libertarian spirit of Heinlein  – or if you just enjoy the emotional and spontaneous moments of awards shows – then you don’t want to miss the 43rd annual Prometheus Awards ceremony, set for 2-2:40 p.m. Saturday Aug. 19 (Eastern time) via Zoom.

And we’ve now got the link for that Zoom event, open to all to watch.

Here’s the full text of that link to the Prometheus ceremony, just in case its needed:

Writer Sarah Hoyt. Creative Commons license)

Sarah Hoyt, who won the Prometheus Award for Best Novel in 2011 for Darkship Thieves, will present the Best Novel category to Dave Freer – an Australian/Tasmanian writer who will be accepting his award from Cambridge, England.

Australian writer Dave Freer (Photo courtesy of author)

Freer will discuss his novel Cloud-Castles, the 2023 Best Novel winner, how he views the Prometheus Award and the mythic figure its named after, and discuss how culture and politics interrelate, including in Australia.


Art Dula, president of the Heinlein Trust Photo courtesy of Dula
John Tilden, president of The Heinlein Society File photo

Art Dula, primary trustee for the Heinlein Prize Trust, and John Tilden, Chairman of the Heinlein Society, will speak about Robert Heinlein’s legacy.

Dula and Tilden – who have each given eloquent speeches about Heinlein’s life and career at a previous Prometheus Awards ceremony honoring Heinlein, a frequent Prometheus Hall of Fame winner –  will accept the 2023 Hall of Fame award for Best Classic Fiction for Heinlein’s story “Free Men.”

LFS President William H. Stoddard will emcee and introduce the 43rd annual awards ceremony and present the Prometheus Hall of Fame category.

William H. Stoddard (Photo courtesy of Stoddard)

LFS co-founder Michael Grossberg will introduce the Best Novel category and Prometheus-winning novelist Sarah Hoyt, who will present the Best Novel category.

Stoddard also chairs the LFS Hall of Fame Finalist Judging committee, whose LFS members judge each year’s nominees and select a slate of finalists.

LFS co-founder Michael Grossberg File photo

Grossberg also chairs the LFS Best Novel Finalist Judging Committee, whose 12 members read each year’s nominees and select a slate of finalists.

For more information about Cloud-Castles, “Free Men” and this year’s awards presenters and acceptors, check out this recent blog post.

Read the press release announcing this year’s Prometheus winners.


* Prometheus winners: For the full list of Prometheus winners, finalists and nominees – for the annual Best Novel and Best Classic Fiction (Hall of Fame) categories and occasional Special Awards – visit the enhanced Prometheus Awards page on the LFS website, which now includes convenient links to the full set of published appreciation-reviews of past winners.

* Read “The Libertarian History of Science Fiction,” an essay in the international magazine Quillette that favorably highlights the Prometheus Awards, the Libertarian Futurist Society and the significant element of libertarian sf/fantasy in the evolution of the modern genre.

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