L. Neil Smith news roundup

Science fiction writer L. Neil Smith is staying busy with a bunch of writing projects. Ares, the latest book of his Ngu Family Saga, will be out soon from Smith’s publisher, Arc Manor.  Smith’s Only the Young Die Good, the sequel to his 2011 vampire novel, Sweeter Than Wine, also will be out before too long, and Smith has begun work on the next Ngu novel, Rosalie’s World. 

Smith received our Special Prometheus Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2016 and also received Prometheus Awards for four individual works: The Probability Broach, PallasThe Forge of the Elders and the graphic novel version of The Probability Broach. (Pallas is the first book of the Ngu Family Saga.)


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    1. Bob, we believe L. Neil Smith’s sequel to his libertarian vampire novel is not yet scheduled for publication, despite some hopes for that last year. Perhaps the novelist and the publisher are still working on the manuscript; we suggest you query the publisher Arc Manor (who also published the previous novel, Sweeter than Wine). Let us know if you find out more!

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