Libertarian Futurist Society unveils new logo

The Libertarian Futurist Society has a vivid new logo.

Actually, we now have an attractive suite of logos.

Let us know what you think of the new logo, which is available in four versions for official LFS usage.

Two of the new logos are designed in a square format, one with our website highlighted (above) and the other without.

Both of the “square” LFS logos above can be used on the Prometheus Blog, on LFS news releases, display ads and stationery.

The goal of the LFS logo with the website is to be used, with advance permission, on news articles announcing Prometheus awards finalists and winners – and as authorized, by Prometheus-winning authors and publishers, posting the news and related articles on their own blogs and websites. Details about
acceptable use and acquiring permission will be shared in the coming

Meanwhile, two related logos are designed for LFS stationery, banners and horizontal ads:


Last year, the LFS board formed an ad hoc “Logo Committee,” chaired by Charlie Morrison, with Steve Gaalema and Michael Grossberg as committee members, to create the first official logos for our non-profit organization of freedom-loving science fiction and fantasy fans.

The committee worked over several months with Colorado designer Tyler Ericsson, suggested by Gaalema, to guide the development of various images into proper LFS logos that could work both online and in print to serve various purposes for the organization.

The board approved the final logo images during its January 2024 meeting, and is developing policy guidelines for appropriate and limited use by outside parties (such as Prometheus-winning authors and publishers or recognized sf media, in conjunction with posting news of our awards on their websites).



* Prometheus winners: For the full list of Prometheus winners, finalists and nominees – for the annual Best Novel and Best Classic Fiction (Hall of Fame) categories and occasional Special Awards – visit the enhanced Prometheus Awards page on the LFS website, which now includes convenient links to all published essay-reviews in our Appreciation series of more than 100 past winners since 1979.

* Read “The Libertarian History of Science Fiction,”an essay in the international magazine Quillette that favorably highlights the Prometheus Awards, the Libertarian Futurist Society and the significant element of libertarian sf/fantasy in the evolution of the modern genre.

Watch videos of past Prometheus Awards ceremonies (including the recent 2023 ceremony with inspiring and amusing speeches by Prometheus-winning authors Dave Freer and Sarah Hoyt),Libertarian Futurist Society panel discussions with noted sf authors and leading libertarian writers, and other LFS programs on the Prometheus Blog’s Video page.

Join us! To help sustain the Prometheus Awards and support a cultural and literary strategy to appreciate and honor freedom-loving fiction, join the Libertarian Futurist Society, a non-profit all-volunteer association of freedom-loving sf/fantasy fans.

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Michael Grossberg

Michael Grossberg, who founded the LFS in 1982 to help sustain the Prometheus Awards, has been an arts critic, speaker and award-winning journalist for five decades. Michael has won Ohio SPJ awards for Best Critic in Ohio and Best Arts Reporting (seven times). He's written for Reason, Libertarian Review and Backstage weekly; helped lead the American Theatre Critics Association for two decades; and has contributed to six books, including critical essays for the annual Best Plays Theatre Yearbook and an afterword for J. Neil Schulman's novel The Rainbow Cadenza. Among books he recommends from a libertarian-futurist perspective: Matt Ridley's The Rational Optimist & How Innovation Works, David Boaz's The Libertarian Mind and Steven Pinker's Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress.

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