Best Novel finalist authors gather for podcast discussing sf, fandom, publishing and the Prometheus Award

The authors of this year’s Prometheus Award finalists for Best Novel recently gathered for an online chat, which has now been posted publicly on the Eigenrobot podcast.

Sf writers Mackey Chandler, Karl K. Gallagher, Barry Longyear, Marc Stiegler, and Dennis E. Taylor discussed a wide variety of topics in their podcast – including the publishing industry, fandom, changes in science fiction, and the history of the Prometheus Award.

Also touched upon in their discussion, posted as “EigenRobot vs. Science Fiction” at LINK, is how the authors used their personal experience to create stories, and “how much the world is going to Hell,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher, who invited the other Best Novel finalist authors to join him in the discussion, is a 2021 Best Novel finalist for Storm Between the Stars.

The other Best Novel finalist works are Chandler’s  Who Can Own the Stars?, Barry B. Longyear’s The War Whisperer, Book 5: The Hook, Marc Stiegler’s Braintrust: Requiem and Dennis E. Taylor’s Heaven’s River.

This year’s group of finalists – the first Prometheus Best Novel finalist slate to all have been published by small presses and/or online – reflect the recent positive modern trend in publishing that has expanded options for alternative fiction beyond the major sf publishers.

The 2021 Best Novel finalists were announced April 10 and LFS members are currently reading, ranking and voting to select the winner.

The annual voting deadline is July 4, and the LFS expects to announce the Best Novel winner, along with the Prometheus Hall of Fame winner for Best Classic Fiction, by mid-July.

The Libertarian Futurist Society is organizing an online public Prometheus Awards ceremony, tentatively scheduled for a weekend afternoon in mid-to-late August, that will be immediately followed by a panel discussion about sf, liberty, publishing trends and the Prometheus Awards.

Participants are still being confirmed, but the panel will include LFS leaders and Reason magazine writer-editors and hopefully also the 2021 Best Novel winner.

Reason magazine will be the media sponsor of the panel. As the panel is finalized, look for a news update on this blog by mid-July.

The Best Novel finalist author’s podcast can be downloaded at:

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