Index for Volume 26, 2007-8

Volume 26, Number 1, Fall 2007 Issue In PDF
  • Interview: Jim Lesczynski, by Rick Triplett
  • News: Charles Stross wins 2007 Prometheus Awards for Glasshouse
  • Charles Stross acceptance speech
  • Reviews:
  • News:
  • Volume 26, Number 2, Winter 2008 Issue In PDF
  • Essay: My Favorite Poet, by David D. Friedman
  • LFS News: President’s Letter
  • Editorial: The joyous surprise of C. S. Lewis mundane sf novel
  • Interview: Meeting Father Rahl: Terry Goodchild, part I, by David Craddock
  • Reviews: S. M. Stirling’s The Sunrise Lands, Vadim Jean’s Hogfather (based on Terry Pratchett’s novel), Brian Francis Slattery’s Spaceman Blues, Tobias S. Buckell’s Ragamuffin, Sylvia Engdahl’s Stewards of the Flame, CLive Warner’s Rebody, Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, Jessie Lilley’s Mondo Cult #2
  • Volume 26, Number 3, Spring 2008 Issue In PDF
  • Interview: Meeting Father Rahl: Terry Goodchild, part II, by David Craddock
  • News: 2008 Prometheus Award Finalists Announced
  • Reviews: Iain M. Banks’ Matter, James Patterson’s Saving the World, Dan Hurwitz’s Stelzer’s Travels, Theodore Judson’s The Martian General’s Daughter,
  • Volume 26, Number 4, Summer 2008 Issue In PDF
  • Review Essay: Kafkaesque, by Anders Monsen
  • News: 2008 Prometheus Award winners announced
  • Reviews: Charles Stross’ Halting State, Zak Maymin’s Publicani, Stanley Schmidt’s The Coming Convergence, Alexis Glynn Latner’s Hurricane Moon, Harry Turtledove’s Opening Atlantis, Joss Whedon’s Serenity: Better Days, L. Neil Smith et al’s Rosswell, Texas, Jo Walton’s Ha’penny, Kay Kenyon’s Bright the Sky & A World Too Near, Kathlneen Ann Goonan’s In War Times
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