The Libertarian Futurist Society has begun to place its entire (nearly 30-year) catalog of back issues of the Prometheus newsletter on line. The current year's issues are available in both HTML and PDF, and the last 5 years are all available in PDF, with some also in HTML so search engines will be able to link directly to articles. Selected issues from earlier years are also on-line, including the very first issue from December 1982. Volunteers from the Libertarian Futurist Society continue to work through the back catalog, adding more issues as they are completed. We have located digital or original paper copies of all the back issues, and all are included in the index at

Since the LFS was founded, the Prometheus newsletter has included reviews, interviews, original fiction, obituaries of notables, convention reports, letters, and reprints of articles from other sources. Each year the reviews have covered most of the nominees for Best Novel, for Hall of Fame, and the six Special Awards that have been given. The publication of these archives will be of interest to libertarians and science fiction fans alike.

Some recent highlights include an article on "Libertarianism and Science Fiction" by Ilya Somin in the current issue, very well received article reprints by Phil Salin on Scrooge McDuck (Winter 2011) and on Nevil Shute (Summer 2010), interviews of F. Paul Wilson and of Amy Sturgis (Summer 2011), Cory Doctorow's acceptance speech for *Little Brother* (Fall 2009), and David D. Friedman's essay "My Favorite Poet" on Kipling (Winter 2008).

Until now, the newsletters have only been available to members, subscribers, and a handful of notables. The LFS board recently voted to make the entire catalog available to the public, and to publish issues on-line immediately after the newsletter has been released. We're counting on the availability of this material to attract the attention of additional fans who share our goals of promoting both freedom and science fiction.

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