LFS announces finalists for Prometheus Awards

For immediate release (March 20, 2005)

Libertarian Futurist Society judges have selected Best Novel and Classic Fiction finalists for the 2005 Prometheus Awards, which will be presented in a ceremony during the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention Aug. 4-8 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Here are the Best Novel finalists, published last year:
* State of Fear, by Michael Crichton (Harper Collins) -- A futuristic political thriller with a cautionary theme about the dangers of the politicization of science and a courageous and controversial expose about the politics and science of global warming.
* Anarquia, by Brad Linaweaver and Kent J. Hastings (Sense of Wonder Press) -- An alternate history of the Spanish Civil War, with a powerful vision of anarchism as the what-if alternative to communism or fascism, and a cast of characters that includes Hedy Lamarr, Wernher von Braun, George Orwell, Josef Stalin, Ernest Hemingway, Ayn Rand and many more.
* Newton's Wake, by Ken MacLeod (TOR Books)-- A space opera blending cutting-edge science and political insight, centered on the head of an ambitious clan of galactic entrepreneurs who stumble upon an ancient relic on a remote planet that threatens the balance of power.
* Marque and Reprisal, by Elizabeth Moon (Ballantine Books/Del Rey) -- A sci-fi adventure that contrasts the ethos of the market and the military in focusing on a female soldier-turned-trader who battles intrigue, treachery and terror while at the helm of a commercial transport starship.
* The System of the World, by Neal Stephenson (William Morrow) -- The development in the 1700s of the modern world's classical liberal institutions, which paved the way for modern libertarianism, is explored in the climax of the author's ambitious Baroque Cycle trilogy ("Quicksilver," "The Confusion"), which has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as "the definitive historical-sci-fi-epic-pirate-comedy-punk love story."

Here are the 2005 Hall of Fame finalists for Best Classic Fiction:
* "It Can't Happen Here" -- a novel (1936) by Sinclair Lewis
* "V for Vendetta" --- a graphic novel (1988-89) by Alan Moore and David Lloyd
* "A Time of Changes" --- a novel (1971) by Robert Silverberg
* "The Lord of the Rings" -- a trilogy of novels (1954) by J.R. R.Tolkien
* "The Weapon Shops of Isher" -- a novel (1951) by A.E. Van Vogt

Best Novel judges read 14 nominees this past year. The other nominees: "For Us the Living," by Robert Heinlein (Scribner); "Molon Labe," by Kenneth Royce (as Boston T. Party) (Javelin Press); "Hostile Takeover," by Susan Schwartz (TOR); "Coyote Rising," by Alan Steele (Ace); "The Confusion," by Neal Stephenson (Morrow); "Iron Sunrise," by Charlie Stross (Ace); "Freehold," by Michael Z. Williamson (Baen); "Crisscross," by F. Paul Wilson (TOR); and "Last Guardian of Everness," by John Wright (TOR).

The Prometheus Awards have been presented since 1979 to honor outstanding science fiction and fantasy that dramatizes the value of individual liberty, exposes coercive abuses of power or critiques authoritarianism, whether of the left or right.

Winners will receive gold coins and plaques. For a list of past Prometheus winners, visit the LFS website at www.lfs.org

For more information, contact LFS president and Publicity Committee Chair Chris Hibbert (publicity@lfs.org.)

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