Volume 08, Number 01, Winter, 1990

Prometheus Awards Presented at NoreasCon III

Brad Linaweaver was presented the Prometheus Award and J. Neil Schulman was presented the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award by the Libertarian Futurist Society at the 47th World Science Fiction Convention in Boston, MA (NoreasCon III). The event was hosted by your editor Bill Ritch.

Linaweaver won for his novel Moon of Ice. It is an expanded version of the novella that was a Nebula finalist in 1983. It first appeared in Amazing (March 1982) and an expanded version appeared in the anthology, Hitler Victorious edited by Greg Benford (Garland Barks. 1986; Berkley, 1987). The full-length novel appeared in hardback from William Morrow/Arbor House in 1988, and the first paperback was released in England by Groton in 1989. The award presented to Linaweaver was a half-ounce Troy gold coin on a commemorative plaque.

Schulman's Hall of Fame winning work was his novel Alongside Night. It originally was published as a hardback in 1979 by Crown Publishers. Its first paperback appearance was from Ace in 1982. The most recent Avon edition contains an afterword by Samuel Edward Konkin III, the founder of Agorism, the economic theory advanced by the novel. Schulman received a tenth-ounce Troy gold coin on a commemorative plaque.

The award ceremony was held in a small conference room far away from the main ebb and flow of the convention. To the best of the editor's knowledge most of the other awards that were not part of the officially approved list were awarded under similar circumstances.

Whether by plan or by "accident" the Prometheus Award ceremony does not seem to be very welcome at WorldCons. We are constantly shuffled around and forced to present the awards in a basement, in a closet, behind a door marked "Beware of leopard". Oh well. Perhaps next year will be better.

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