Volume 08, Number 01, Winter, 1990


By Bill Ritch

This is the first issue produced by the new co-editor of Prometheus and I have certainly gotten off to a rocky start. Firstly this issue is about 4 months late. Secondly I have misplaced a letter or two that I received for this issue. Finally there are very few submissions for the issue in the first place. It looks like I am batting a thousand here, but the *^%!@#$+ newsletter is finally out the door.

Now that I have gotten the hang of the thing, I hope that I can keep to a normal publication schedule. I will be doing the next issue or so of the Prometheus and then Len Jackson (my coeditor) will take over. Starting with this issue I will run, in the indicia box, the deadline and editorial mailing address of the next newsletter. Please watch this box carefully.

I suppose most of you are wondering just why is the Prometheus late? I have a million excuses but not very many good reasons. Since you asked, I will go through some of the excuses.

The newsletter was not due until after Worldcon—after the awards presentation. Then I wanted to get the pictures ready for the newsletter. This entailed setting up my darkroom and printing the pictures. Then I prepared the press releases that went to the SF News Magazines such as Locus and Science Fiction Chronicle. After that was done I needed to move to a new house. With all my stuff, that took about two months of dedicated effort—Then Christmas and New Year's were upon us. Then there was the problem of learning this new software package... Like I said lots of excuses but not any good reasons.


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