Volume 06, Number 04, Fall, 1988

Some Suggestions

By Robert Sacks
New York, New York

The present system of selecting Prometheus Award winners is flawed. We have essentially one-half year to digest all the fiction of the previous year. Hard-cover fiction (not distributed by the SF Book Club), mainstream fiction (by such authers as Archer, Clancy, Clavell, Drury, Forsyth and Puzo), works published late in the year, and works by writers not in the "usual" group are at a disadvantage; it takes a while for works to acquire a readership, and the window of primary eligibility passes too quickly. Now it is proposed to prevent furhter consideration of these works for an additional 15 years (on top of the present 5 years).

Some suggestions:

 1. A generation is 13 years. Only delay, say 10 years instead of 20.
 2a. Exempt non-SF from this change.
  b. Set up a separate award for non-SF, perharps with a larger vote required for selection.
 3. Lengthen the period of Prometheus Award eligibility to 2 years.

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