Volume 06, Number 04, Fall, 1988

Jehova Contract Wins Prometheus; Stars My Destination in Hall of Fame

New Orleans, Lousiana, September 3, 1988

Victor Koman won the 1983 Prometheus Award for his novel The Jehovah Contract (Watts). Finalists for the award included The Way of the Pilgrim by Gordon R. Dickson, Circuit Breaker by Melinda Snodgrass, First Citizen by Thomas T. Thomas and David Brin's The Uplift War.

Samuel Edward Konkin III, LFS Advisory member, presented Koman with a certificate and a Hayek Half gold coin (one of the largest monetary prizes in the field). The awards were given at this year's World Science Fiction Convention.

In his acceptance speech, Koman cautioned novelists not to lose hope while trying to get their books published. The Jehovah Contract took ten years to get published in the United States, Koman said.

Also presented at the Worldcon was the Prometheus Hall of Fame. This year LFS members voted Alfred Bester's classic The Stars My Destination as the winner.

Forest J. Ackerman, "Mr. Science Fiction" himself, very kindly consented to accept the award for Mr. Bester, who died one year ago. During his acceptance speech. Mr. Ackerman made humorous comments about not being Alfred Bester, and also not being Fred Pohl (who had earlier been slated to accept the award for Bester). Ackerman also spoke about the "sense of wonder" that makes the most exciting science fiction, and how appropriate it is for a society that think seriously abut the future to honor the work of Alfred Bester.

Novelist Brad Linaweaver, who presented the Hall of Fame, took some time to honor two-time Hall of Fame winner Robert A. Heinlein. "Science fiction," Lznaweaver said "is more intelligent, braver, stronger, thanks to him." (Convention photographs were taken by Bill Ricth—thanks Bill.)

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