Volume 06, Number 04, Fall, 1988

More Outrage

By Victor Koman
Long Beach, California

As a member of both the LFS and SFWA, I must admit I have never experienced such a blatent attempt to influence the outcome of a vote in the Nebula Awards as I have in the Prometheus Hall of Fame award in the Summer, 1988 issue of Prometheus. Michael Grossberg's "proposal" was an obvious (and apparetnly successful) attempt to alter the vote for this year's Hall of Fame Award. After all, if the only person affected by such a rule change said that he would support it after this year's vote, why did Grossberg submit his article before the final vote the year?

For whatever subjective reasons, Grossberg does not like Alongside Night. That his skillfully timed "proposal" actualy caused LFS member to chage their votes before such a rule chage had been voted upon or enacted is nothing more than outright manipulation of the membership of LFS for Grossberg's own personal ends. Alongside Night would have won if Grossberg had not decided—after half a decade of thoughtful, silent pondering, no doubt—that the cutoff seemed "woefully deficient" he came to this sudden conclusion after he discovered that the novel was way ahead in preliminary balloting. As an LFS Advisory member, I am outraged at this underhanded reprehensible skullduggery.

I, for one, absolutely do not support such a rule change for such utterly specious reasons as "1975 is easier to remember." Humans invented writig so theat they would not have to rely on mnemonics such as that. The original cutoff date of 1979 is just fine, and has been fine for five long years, and I am pleased and honored to nominate Alongside Nightthe libertarian outreach novel of our age—yet again for the 1989 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award. I hope that, this time, one man's desire to manipulate the vote will not influence the outcome. For the record—two members said they changed their votes because of the proposal (though others may have been affected), and Alongside Night and Stars were neck-in-neck in the voting for the finalists (with Alongside Night slightly ahead when Schulman was first called by Grossberg, and then Stars pulled ahead before the final tally). In the final vote, Stars won by a slightly greater margin than the preliminary vote. -- The editor.

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