Volume 33, Number 02, Winter, 2015

LFS Awards and Conference at Marcon 50

By Joseph P. Martino

MARCON is a regional convention held annually in Columbus, OH. It is heavily oriented toward gaming and media. However, there were many panels on writing. For me one of the highlights was the awards by the Libertarian Futurist Society. The LFS Prometheus Awards go to “best libertarian science fiction.” The annual Prometheus Award for best novel is made at the World Science Fiction Convention. Other awards are made at regional conventions. At MARCON, the Hall of Fame Award went to Harlan Ellison’s “ ‘Repent, Harlequin’, Said the TickTock Man.” The Lifetime Achievement Award went to F. Paul Wilson, himself a previous Prometheus Award winner. As it happened, I had been present at the first Prometheus Awards, made in 1979, at the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nominating convention. That award went to F. Paul Wilson for “Wheels Within Wheels.” At this year’s MARCON, I introduced the awards ceremony, held during the intermission of the Masquerade, in which I described the history of the Awards. I then introduced the actual presenter, who presented the awards. Ellison was unable to be present, but sent an acceptance video. Wilson was present to accept his award.

Several photos from the ceremony are included in the PDF version of this issue.

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