Volume 30, Number 4, Summer, 2012

A few words about schedules

Without content, this newsletter falters and falls behind. We have said this for years, other editors included. If you look at the index of articles that have appeared in Prometheus, we have a vast number of contributors. But in recent years, the trickle of articles that once we receive have dried up like the current Texas drought.

Previously we have merged issues, calling them numbers 1&2, or 1-3, but I reluctant to make that quantum leap here and skip forward a couple of years in one instant. So, until or unless we catch up, there is a likely chance you’ll see the dates on this newsletter somewhat still in the past.

If you read books and watch movies, and have an opinion, please share that opinion with a short review for Prometheus. In the past we have had many movie reviews, from E.T. to kung fu flicks—these are still welcome. If you have opinions about the nature and future of the Libertarian Futurist Society, whether in one paragraph or twenty, I am sure people would like to hear that opinion. If you know of a rare interview or podcast that can be transcribed, let the editor know, and I’ll take it from here. I’ve made this plea many times. I know, like in my case, your time is limited, but I hope you, the reader, will also become a contributor.

Finally, a few words about the Prometheus Awards. By the time this issue reaches you, the 2013 Prometheus Awards will have been handed out at LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio. The process to discover candidates for next year’s award already is well underway. If you have read any books you consider worth nominating, please send an email to “bestnovel@lfs.org” with the book’s name and publisher.

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