Volume 3, Number 4, (Fall, 1985)

News Notes

Moving on & up

Michael Grossberg, who is, among other things, the Advisory editor of Prometheus and the person who refounded LFS several years ago: has been accepted as the film and theater critic of the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch. Famed libertarian Jeff Riggenbach, writer and golden-voice commentator for Byline is now an editorial writer for the Orange County Register (formerly the Santa Ana Register). The Register is one of the top 50 papers in the country, and the Dispatch is one of the top l00 newspapers.

Factory in Space

A Houston firm, Space Industries, has won NASA approval (one might ask why they needed that) to build and operate the first commercial factory in space. To be constructed sometime in 1989, it would be used to manufacture pharmaceuticals, electronic crystals and certain materials which can be produced better, easier, or only in the gravity-free environment of space. They will reportedly be using no government money.

Twilight Edition

Prometheus Award winner, The Rainbow Cadenza, will be release in 1986 in an Avon paperback edition. Featured in this edition will be a 2000 word afterword by Michael Grossberg, plus Paul Jacobs on the draft, Wendy McElroy on feminism, and (van Dreyer on laser art. Cadenza author J. Neil Schulman has written at least one, and possibly two, scripts for The Twilight Zone.

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