Volume 3, Number 2, Spring, 1985


If you missed the 1984 Worldcon. start planning now to attend what promises to be a convention equally as sympathetic to libertarian speakers and ideas—the 1985 North American Science Fiction Convention in Austin (August 30 to September 2). Billed as the "First Occasional Lone Star SF Convention and Chili Cook-off." the NASFIC will have as its Guest of Honor author Jack Vance (who wrote the libertarian-oriented trilogy The Brave Free Men and other classics with novelist and University of Texas anthropologist Chad Oliver as the Toastmaster.

Since the Worldcon will take place outside of the country in 1985 (in Australia), the sf custom is to have a North American Science Fiction Convention as a consolation prize to U.S. fans who can’t afford to travel overseas. While Austin’s NASFIC won’t be anywhere as big as the Los Angeles Worldcon, which attracted a recordbreaking 9,300 people, its smaller size (about 3,000 people are expected) should provide ample opportunity for libertarians to mingle with each other and with other sf fans.

Since Michael Grossberg, Russell Turbine, John Hicks, Terry Floyd and several other LFS members live (or formerly lived) in Austin and are friendly with the NASFIC organizing committee, there should be no prob1em confirming the Prometheus Awards ceremony as a NASFIC event and including several libertarians on NASFIC panels—a problem the LFS has occasionally had with some Worldcons in the past.

NASFIC attending memberships are $45, and at least $50 at the door. Supporting memberships are $15. The convention will be headquartered at the Austin Hyatt Regency. For memberships or more information, write NASFIC, Box 9612, lusting TX 78766.

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