Volume 3, Number 2, Spring, 1985

Libertarian Authors

Prometheus Award-winning novelist J. Neil Schulman has moved to New York City in order to be closer to the publishing industry. Schulman, a long time resident of Southern California's famed anarchovillage and sometime resident of San Antonio, Texas, where his family lives, hopes to sell his ideas for novels and screenplays more effectively through regular contact with agents and publishers. He is presently working on his third novel. Schulman’s first novel, Alongside Night, has appeared in both hardback and a popular paperback edition. His second novel, the Prometheus Award-winning Rainbow Cadenza, has appeared only in hardback (Simon and Schuster) in the United States, but has recently been published in an attractive paperback edition in Great Britain.


Nebula Award nominee Brad Linaweaver has gotten married and has moved back to Georgia—Clarkston, to be exact. Even though he has more constraints on his time now, he says that he has many writing projects going and will keep in touch.


L. Neil Smith has many books in the works. As of early December, he was half-way through The Crystal Empire and had a proposal for a novel set in 181 A.L., The Wardove, at the printers. In addition, two more "Mav and Mymy" adventures are in the works— working titles: Nine of Flames and The Aggressor’s Eyesword.


Libertarian novelist Victor Koman has sold his novel. The Jehovah Contract, to Wilhelm Heyne Verlag in Munich for publication in German. Mr. Koman's new agent in the U.S. expects to get an English language sale Very Soon.

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