Volume 3, Number 2, Spring, 1985


The Libertarian Futurist Society, Rampart Institute, and FREELAND are cosponsoring FREELAND III, a one day conference being held in Long Beach, California on April 28, 1985. This is the first futurist conference sponsored by LFS.

FREELAND conferences are held annually to promote discussion about the creation of "new, government-free communities." Emphasis is often on space settlements, but the possibilities of floating islands or acquiring, and then freeing, already existing territories are explored as well.

LFS founder Michael Grossberg will speak on anti-statist trends within the space movement. Libertarian writer Victor Koman will be featured in a panel discussion of anarchist/libertarian space societies of the future. Gary Hudson, who operates his own space industrialization company and who is currently working on a private space launch vehicles will give the luncheon speech, titled "The Lunar Free State."

Information about the conference can be obtained from: FREELAND, Box 26044, Santa Ana, California 92799, (714) 979-5737.

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