Volume 3, Number 2, Spring, 1985

Checking dates

A comment on a couple of nominees. Bob Wilson’s Right Where you Are Standing Now should be removed from the list because it's non-fiction and because it was published in 1982. Who keeps nominating all the non-fiction, anyway? And I just acquired a copy of Holmes' Anvil of the Heart and note that it’s copyrighted 1983 and "Reprinted by arrangement with The Haven Corporation" —so I suspect it might have been printed/published in hardcover in 1983 also. Tor books are terrible about giving the proper credit and publication data, but we ought to check publication dates more carefully in such cases.

Neal Wilgus

That’s why I always put on the nomination form that the books nominated must be FICTION and the year they must have been published in. However, some publishers reprint books and fail to make note of that in their inside covers. Many members forget to check, or have loaned the book out by the time they nominate it. Some are kind enough to warn me that they’re not sure of the publication year. Anyway, though I always check each title in the current copy of Forthcoming Books, they are not always correct. If the LFS members would like to fund a quarterly trip to Toronto, so that this editor could go to a real bookstore (instead of the excuses for such that we have in Rochester, NY, then all mistakes of this kind would be eliminated. Until that distant eventuality, or until I hear any good suggestions, there will be mistakes of this kind on the lists of nominated books. As long as we all are watchful they should be weeded out before the final voting is done.

The editor

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