Volume 3, Number 1, Winter, 1985

Linaweaver Presents Award to Bradbury

Novelist Brad Linaweaver presented the Libertarian Futurist Society’s Hall of Fame award to Ray Bradbury at Bradbury’s Beverly Hills offices. Bradbury was in Europe during the September, 1984 LA Worldcon and so was unable to receive the award at the regular awards ceremony.

The Hall of Fame award was given to Bradbury for his novel, Fahrenheit 451.

1985 Nominations Coming In

Nominations for the 1985 Hall of Fame and Prometheus Award are coming in steadily. Sixteen novels have been nominated for the Prometheus Award, fourteen for the Hall of Fame. A list of the nominations can be found on page two of this issue.

Nomination Rules Unchanged

A proposed change in nominating rules was voted down by the LFS membership. It had been suggested that two or more members should be required to nominate each book for both awards. The change was proposed to cut down on the number of novels to be read each year and, hopefully, improve the quality of the nominations. For an elegant, if negative, response to the proposal, see Len Jackson’s opinion in the Fiction Forum, page five of this issue.

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