Volume 28, Number 2-3, Winter-Spring, 2010

Dear Anders,
I’m pleased to announce that I have confirmed that Orson Scott Card will be speaking and attending all three days at FreedomFest this year (July 7-11, Las Vegas). It was really tough, I worked three years, to get him...But he is now firmly committed to speaking. His topic is “Fictional Science,” and he will be on a panel about Ayn Rand, plus a talk about Ender’s Game and his other works.

As for other speakers, we have a great line-up…

Last week we confirmed Greg Mortenson, author of the famed book Three Cups of Tea, which has been on the New York Times Bestseller “trade paperback” list for 100 weeks and sold over 4 million copies. Have you read his book? It’s an incredible positive story of his building now over 130 private schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, mainly for girls. He’s the most admired American in the Middle East now, and the Taliban won’t touch him...a great libertarian success story. (Yet oddly nobody in Reason, The Freeman, or Liberty writes about him—why is that?)

Mortenson gets thousands of requests to speak each year, and he wants to come to FreedomFest (on July 8)...A real feather in our cap.

I’m listening to his new book right now, Stones Into Schools: How to Fight the War on Terror with Education, not Bombs and Soldiers, now #5 on the New York Times Bestseller list. Really inspiring. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Here’s his website: http://www.gregmortenson.com/.

Those who sign up for FreedomFest before April 15 get the early bird special ($100 off per person/$200 per couple), plus an American Eagle Silver Dollar, symbol of FreedomFest.

Best wishes, AEIOU,
Mark Skousen

[Editor’s Note: If any LFSers are planning to attend FreedomFest, Prometheus would certainly welcome any conference reports. Orson Scott Card’s latest novel, Hidden Empire, is a finalist for the 2010 Prometheus Award in the Best Novel category. Although Card probably does not identify himself as a libertarian, his appearance at FreedomFest certainly should open some interesting discussions.]

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