Volume 24, Number 04, Summer, 2006

J. Neil Schulman’s Off-Hollywood Adventure

Principal photography on author J. Neil Schulman’s feature film project, Lady Magdalene, completed on June 11th, and the production company has “wrapped most of [the] cast including [the] star, Nichelle Nichols.” The movie was shot around Pahrump and Las Vegas, Nevada. On September 25, 2006, Lady Magdalene will premier at the High Desert Shorts International Film Festival at the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Gambling Hall in Pahrump, Nevada. This project is Schulman’s first produced feature length screenplay. Schulman’s credits include writer, co-producer, and director. He acted in one of the roles, and worked with Nichelle Nichols, who performed an original song that Schulman wrote.

The movie features a Department of Homeland Security investigator working at a brothel to uncover an al-Queda plot. Schulman received notice that he could not use the agency’s name “or any of the Department’s official visual identities” in the film, despite the fact that the film presents a positive image of the DHS. The feds stated that the “project does not fit within the DHS mission and that it is not something we can participate in.”

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