Volume 24, Number 04, Summer, 2006


A handful of words

You learn much about the limits of time when there are two beings in your house under the age of four. In early April our second child was born, Aidan. He joins his older sister Ariel in a household of books and toys, with his own unique demands on our time merging with existing demands from a person with almost limitless energy. It’s strange that a few years ago parenthood seemed like an alien world, and now my life expands and shrinks at the same time. I no longer read as many books as I used to a few years ago, and trips to bookstores long since have been replaced by clicks at amazon.com.

As an older parent, I wonder about my role, and what life will be like twenty years from now as my children contemplate college. Who could have predicted the War on Terror, or the breakup of the Soviet Union, twenty years prior to those actual events? Nonetheless, as I watch my daughter’s joy from listening to books, or making up stories and names, I realize that her world is too small to include some of the events on the global stage, and yet only limited in scope by her imagination.

The effects of parenthood on this newsletter may mean a few shortened issues. I tend to plan ahead by a couple of issues, looking both for themes and content. Luckily the interview in this issue is one that I had planned to print last issue but ran out of space. I’m also thankful for the many reviews written by former editor Bill Stoddard. If you have any reviews, or thoughts for other types of contributions to Prometheus, please don’t hesitate to contact me, at editor@lfs.org. In addition to book reviews, as you can see from this issue the range of content includes (but is not limited to) movie reviews, interviews, news notes, and essays.

Looking ahead to the fall issue I expect announcements, news, and reports from the Prometheus Awards presentation. This year the Awards will take place at the WorldCon in Los Angeles in August. I wish I could say I hope to see you there, but for reasons alluded to in the first paragraph, my travel options tend to limit such plans.

This issue sees yet another minor change in presentation—increasing the font size slightly from the previous issue.

— Anders Monsen

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