Volume 24, Number 3, Spring 2006

Mondo Cult

By Brad Linaweaver

Published by Brad Linaweaver, Edited by Jessie Lilley
2006, $5.95, 48 pages
Reviewed by Anders Monsen

Mondo Cult, No, 1

Prometheus Award-winning author Brad Linaweaver (Moon of Ice), a long-time contributor to magazines on cult movies, actor at times in cult movies, and friend of Hollywood cult-movie director Fred Olen Ray, has launched a new magazine. Mondo Cult tackles more than just cult movies. With reviews of books and features on the music scene, the magazine should reach a wide audience. The first issue contains short paragraph reviews mixed with lengthy essays on movies Whale Rider, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and classic old-time features from the early days of Hollywood’s monster flicks.

Editor Jessie Lilley has put together a crisp, highly readable magazine. Unlike some similar publications from a few years ago (Cult Movies, for example) the black and white photographs are clear and viewable.

Writers include Linaweaver, Arthur Byron Cover, Victor Koman, and Buddy Barnett. The essay on Whale Rider, along with Victor Koman’s brief review, were to me the most enjoyable pieces. For anyone interested in movies slightly off the beaten path, both new and old, there are some worthy entries. The section on music may appeal to fans of classic rock and modern heavy sounds, but as my tastes differ from those featured in the magazine, I tended to skip that section.

The web site could use a little more work, as each link opens a new window, and the magazine itself hardly is mentioned. Retail sites to purchase the magazine are available, and you now can order the magazine online as well. With Linaweaver’s many years of research and writing in movies, and his contacts in Hollywood, Mondo Cult certainly has the promise of an interesting publication.

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