Volume 24, Number 3, Spring 2006


And Now For for a Word

The Spring 2006 issue of Prometheus sports a slightly re-designed look, spurred by an article that in the end does not appear in this issue. A few months ago as I looked ahead to this issue, I had no content. I requested and received permission to reprint a lengthy interview of interest to readers, and thought that eight pages of text does not read very well across three columns. So, I switched the layout instead to the current format of two columns.

Then new articles and reviews started to pour in for the Spring issue. I added four pages. Not enough room for everything. Faced with the choice of shifting many reviews to the Summer issue, and losing relevance in terms of Prometheus Award nominated books, or shifting the interview to the Summer issue, I opted for the former, while keeping the two column layout. I still hope and intend to publish the interview, and I expect the Summer issue to have lots more reviews. In particular I’m looking forward to Vernor Vinge's new novel, Rainbows End, as well as Charles Stross post-singularity mystery/sf novel, Glasshouse.

Much like Repairman Jack, I believe in “value given for value received.” This stands behind the entire process of assembling each issue of Prometheus. I’m extremely happy that this issue runs 20 pages, and contains strong reviews, excellent essays, and an interview with David Friedman. Russ Madden provides a tantalizing preview of the new Repairman Jack novel. You can buy Madden’s latest novel, Death is Easy, at lulu.com/content/173588, and read his other articles, short stories, novel excerpts, and other items of interest to Objectivists, libertarians, and sf fans at his website, russellmadden.com

If you have read any books, seen any movies or TV shows, and feel strongly about these in terms of liberty and the arts, Prometheus welcomes your reviews.

— Anders Monsen

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