Volume 24, Number 2, Winter, 2006

Prometheus Awards, an update

The Prometheus Awards honor works of science fiction and fantasy, broadly defined, that uphold libertarian values or dramatize pro-freedom or anti-authoritarian themes.

Eligibility for Best Novel is limited to novels published between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31,—or, if previously overlooked, published in November or December of the previous year.

Eligibility for Hall of Fame is limited to works first published or broadcast in English at least five years ago. Such works may include anthologies, novels, novellas, short stories, plays, poems, comic books, graphic novels, movies, TV episodes, TV series, etc. (Previous Prometheus Award winners for Best Novel are not eligible.)

Special Awards, which are not automatically presented annually but only when deserved, have gone to libertarian anthologies (including Free Space, the first explicitly libertarian sf anthology), graphic novels (the recent adaptation of L. Neil Smith’s The Probability Broach) and individuals (Poul Anderson) for lifetime achievement.

Who to Contact for Nominations:

Best Novel—Chair Michael Grossberg (bestNovelChair@lfs.org, 614-236-5040)

Hall of Fame—Chair Lynn Maners (HallOfFame@lfs.org)

Special Awards—Chair Rick Triplett (publicity@lfs.org)

Here are the works nominated this year—as of mid-December—in the three Prometheus categories:

Best Novel nominees

Special award nominees:

Hall of Fame nominees:

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