Volume 23, Number 04, Summer 2005

Robert A. Heinlein: The Virginia Edition

Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. has been chosen by the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust and the Butler Library Foundation to publish The Virginia Edition: The Definitive Collection of Robert A. Heinlein. The project will consist of forty-six titles spanning Heinlein’s entire writing career, including all of Heinlein’s novels and short stories. It will also contain all of his non-fiction titles along with the majority of his interviews, social commentaries, speeches and articles, as well as several volumes of Heinlein’s letters and personal correspondence.

The books will be sold only as a set, limited to 5000 copies. Illustrator Donato plans a series of murals that will be displayed both on the dust jack cover and spine. The first book will be published in January 2006, followed every four weeks thereafter by the next title in the series. The price for the cloth bound set of The Virginia Edition will be $2,500.00.

More information can be found at the publisher's web site: http://www.meishamerlin.com/RobertHeinleinTheVirginiaEdition.html or through email at email@MeishaMerlin.com.

Meisha Merlin also announced that Bill Patterson, editor of The Heinlein Journal, is writing a two-volume biography of Robert Heinlein.

[Editor’s note: This complete set is reminiscient of the Vance Integral Edition, where volunteer Jack Vance fans compiled authoratative texts of Vance’s work, forty-three volumes in all, for $1500. Perhaps one day we will see a similar effort around the works of Poul Anderson.]

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