Volume 23, Number 03, Spring, 2005


Sci Fi Wire reports that Hugo and Prometheus Award-winning writer, Vernor Vinge, recently signed a multi-book deal with Tor. The contract includes three books, and several out-of-print books will be reprinted; The Peace War and Marooned in Realtime already are in bookstores. Vinge’s next book is Rainbow’s End, set for publication in 2006.

Vinge told Sci Fi Wire, “Rainbows End takes place in California in the near future and is approximately a prequel to ‘Fast Times at Fairmont High.’ After Rainbow’s End, I expect that my next novel-length project will be a sequel to A Deepness in the Sky. This sequel would follow Pham Nuwen and Anne Reynolt as they seek to overthrow the Emergency.”

Brad Linaweaver co-authored an expensive coffee table book with Forrest J Ackerman for Collector’s Press, Worlds of Tomorrow. This is a history of classic sci-fi pulp art that was cross promoted with the movie, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Additional information at collectorspress.com, or info@collectorspress.com

Lydia van Vogt has given Linaweaver the rights to do an audio adaptation of the original story, “The Weapon Shop,” to be a production of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company at DragonCon in 2005. Some of ARTC’s other work includes dramatizations of Robert A. Heinlein’s stories, such as “The Man Who Traveled In Elephants,” which features Harlan Ellison as the Ringmaster.

CDs of these audio adaptations are available for purchase online at http://www.artc.org.

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