Volume 23, Number 02, Winter 2005

Prometheus Awards nominations

By Michael Grossberg

LFS members are invited to nominate a work for this year’s Prometheus Awards. All current LFS members have the privilege of nominating works for any of our awards.

The LFS is looking for worthy candidates in two annual categories: Best Novel, Best Classic Fiction (Hall of Fame) and also in our occasional Special Awards category (which covers anthologies, lifetime achievement and other achievements that fall outside the scope of our two annual categories.)

The deadline to submit awards nominations to the awards committee chairs is February 15, 2005. If you are aware of worthy candidates now, please notify us immediately.

Warning: As always, there is no guarantee that a last-minute nominations made around February 15, will arrive in time for the committees to have adequate time to obtain and review the nominee before our voting deadlines. Especially this year, since our annual awards are usually announced at the Worldcons but this year’s Worldcon will be a month earlier (August 4-8, Glasgow, Scotland), we want to make sure that all LFS members have the usual three months to obtain and read (or view) the finalists before voting for the winners.

The eligibility rules:

No Special Award nominations have been received yet this year. The lists of nominated works in the Best Novel and Hall of Fame categories (as of January 5) appear below.

Prometheus Award Best Novel Nominees

Prometheus Award Hall of Fame Nominees

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