Volume 23, Number 02, Winter 2005

New Libertarian Redux: The Science Fiction Issue

Perhaps the first true libertarian sf anthology, editor Samuel Edward Konkin III brought together hard core libertarian authors in a special fiction edition of his New Libertarian magazine in 1990.

Six authors (Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson, Brad Linaweaver, Victor Koman, J. Neil Schulman, and L. Neil Smith) contribute to the shared story, “The Prometheus Meltdown,” subtitled “A Tribute to Robert A. Heinlein.” L. Neil Smith and Øyvind Myhre contribute additional short stories. The issue contains features and tributes to Heinlein, and there’s a wonderful color cover of Heinlein and a spaceship.

This issue of New Libertarian long ago went out of print. Should you come across a copy for sale, it's an investment well worth making. This special science fiction issue would be a part of all libertarians’ library, and is major part of Sam Konkin’s legacy.

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