Volume 23, Number 01, Fall, 2004

Kerry Pearson, RIP

In late February, 2004, I learned that Kerry Pearson had passed away on January 9, 2004, apparently from complications related to diabetes. He was 41 years old, which is shockingly far too young.

Kerry, known online to many sf and libertarian friends as Lux Lucre, was a long-time member of the Libertarian Futurist Society. He contributed several whimsical drawings to Prometheus, and I particularly remember his graphical juxtaposition of words from The Prisoner and the well-known Hillary Clinton quote—a Penny-Farthing bicycle containing the words, “It takes the Village.”

Kerry also created Flash-based web animations for other libertarians groups (jonathangullible.com) and as personal creative endeavors (these can be seen at http://billstclair.com/luxlucre/).

He was active in fandom, especially the recent Josh Whedon sf TV series, Firefly, about which he wrote quite a few filk songs. His death is mourned by all who knew him. We have but a few years on this ball of earth. John Keats once wrote, “mine every rift with ore,” something Kerry certainly lived.

—Anders Monsen

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