Volume 22, Number 2, (Spring-Summer, 2004)

Novel Published

Joe Martino has a new book out-- but this time, it's fiction.

"The Justice Cooperative," (Elderberry Press, 2004) is a libertarian-oriented crime-suspense novel about people attacked by a vicious criminal. Their testimony helped put him in jail, but he's out and wants revenge--and the cops won't help them, so they must get justice for themselves. Where do they turn? To The Justice Cooperative.

Martino, a veteran LFS member and LFS Board member, has been a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America since the 1960s, but usually writes nonfiction books, articles or short stories. His sci-fi stories have appeared in 'Analog', 'Galaxy', 'Worlds of If' and other magazines. He is the author of "Science Funding: Politics and Porkbarrel", which presents the case for eliminating government funding of scientific research, and an Associate Member of First Fandom, having been an active fan for over 50 years.

Excerpts from the book can be read at: http://www.thejusticecooperative.com/

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