Volume 21, Number 3, Fall, 2003


Publishing News

A long-lost novel by Robert Heinlein will appear later this year. Discovered among his pairs by Heinlein scholar Robert James, For Us, the Living was written in 1938, when Heinlein was 31. The story revolves around naval airman Perry Nelson, who crashes his car in 1939 and awakens in 2086. The novel foreshadows many of Heinlein's later themes-and is explicit enough sexually so that it could not have teen sent through the mails legally in 1938. It will to published in November of this year by Scribner's, with a foreword by Spider Robinson. More information can be found at http://www.heinleinsociety.org/newsFUTL.html

(Submitted by Fran Van Cleave)

Sense of Wonder has announced the forthcoming release of Anarquia: An Alternate History of the Spanish Civil War, by Brad Linaweaver (winner of the Prometheus Award for Moon of Ice in 1989) and J. Kent Hastings, with a cover by Kelly Free. A half-page advertisement appeared in the September issue of Locus. More information can tie found at http://www.rockpublishing.com/anarquia.htm

David Pulver, creator of Steve Jackson Games's libertarianism-influenced Transhuman Space game setting, has resigned his line editorship fot this setting. He will take a full-time position at Guardians of Order, as line editor for their anime titles. Several Transhuman Space titles are still to appear, but the line will probably not be developed further.


The Libertarian International and Libertarian Alliance have announced Liberty 2003: The European Conference to take place Saturday and Sunday. November 22 and 23, at the National Liberal Club in London. Speakers will include Agwu Amogu, David Carr, David Conway, Paul Coulam, Stephen Davies, David Marsland, Alberto Mingardi and Carlo Stagnari, Larry O'Hara, Dennis O'Keefe, Bill Thompson, and Scott Tips. The conference fee includes a banquet at which the Libertarian Alliance will present its Liberty Awards for 2003; the keynote speaker will be Phil Collins of the Social Market Foundation. Fees may be paid in bunds sterling or dollars. For more information, e-mail to Chris R. Tame of the Libertarian Alliance at admin@libertarian.co.uk

Publications Received:

FOSFAX 208, the June 2003 issue, contains columns, convention reports, took reviews, and letters from readers. Major concerns are science fiction (especially alternate history) and present-day American politics. Subscriptions to FOSFAX are $l2 for four issues (payable to Timothy Lane). Address correspondence to FOSFAX c/o FOSFA, Post Office Box 37281, Louisville, KY 40233-7281, or e-mail to jtmajor@iglou.com

Organizational News:

For many years, the volume numbers for Prometheus have changed at the end of the year. But the Libertarian Futurist Society now operates on a fiscal year calendar, running from October 1 through September 30, starting just after the Prometheus Awards are given. Memberships and subscriptions to Prometheus run for the same period. To reflect this, volume numbers will change with the next issue. This is the last issue of Volume 21. The next issue will be Volume 22, Number 1. Be sure to renew your membership or subscription!

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