Volume 21, Number 1, Spring, 2003

LFS Seeks New Financial Officers

By Chris Hibbert

The Libertarian Futurist Society is seeking a new treasurer and an assistant treasurer, effective September.

Victoria Varga, who has served as both Director and Treasurer for several years, has announced that she would like to give up the Treasurer position at the end of her current term in September. She plans to continue serving as Director. She is working on a master's degree and needs more time to write her thesis.

Also, LFS policy is to rotate offices, committee chairships, and other positions, so that more members get a chance to be active and get experience in leadership roles.

The primary duties of the Treasurer include depositing dues payments and donations, generating checks to pay for the organization's expenses, keeping the hooks, and providing updates to the Board and Executive Committee on the state of our finances. The Treasurer also chairs the LFS's Finance Committees which prepares an annual budget and income update for board review.

The Assistant Treasurer works closely with the Treasurer, helps the Treasurer prepare budget projections, and serves "in training" to potentially take over in a few years.

For someone with experience, the time required isn't excessive. The LFS usually gets fewer than 100 renewals and new memberships each year (though we hope that number will continue to grow over time.) The Treasurer rarely writes more than one check in a normal month.

The best candidates would already to familiar with finances and have experience with Quickbooks or an equivalent program. LFS leaders are prepared to work with a volunteer LFS member who may not be as familiar with finances and financial software if a volunteer with more experience can't be found. Varga will help train the new treasurer and assistant treasurer and will still be actively involved in the LFS, so she will be able to guide volunteers until they learn the ropes.

Since the Treasurer works closely with the board of directors and is on the board's Executive Committee — which discusses and reviews overall LFS programs and Policies in all areas (not just finances)—this is an excellent opportunity for an LFS member to become more active and take a leadership role.

lf you are interested or have questions, please contact LFS Board President Chris Hibbert at president@lfs.org. lf you have questions about the Treasurer's responsibilities, talk to Varga at

Victoria.varga@westgroup.com or (585)248-5646.

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