Volume 18, Number 4, December, 2000

Letters, News, and Notes

Publications received:

The Brazen Rule, by Steven Burgauer. (Writer's Showcase, 2000). Another novel by the author of Treachery on the Dark Side (reviewed in the June 2000 issue of Prometheus). For more information, contact zero-g press, 6605 N Rustic Oak Ct., Peoria IL 61614.

FOSFAX (December 2000 issue). A fairly traditional science fiction fanzine, edited by Timothy Lane and published by the Falls of the Ohio Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (FOSFA). Includes opinion columns, book reviews, humor, and an extensive letter column frequented by Poul Anderson, Alexis Gilliland, S.M. Stirling, Harry Turtledove, and Taras Wolansky, among others. Frequent discussions of Robert A. Heinlein Much more political content than in the average fanzine; editorial slant is conservative but many viewpoints are represented in correspondence, including libertarianism. Subscriptions are $12 for four issues; for information write to FOSFA, P.O. Box 337281, Louisville, KY 40233, or e-mail jtmajor@iglou.com.

Nova Express (Fall/Winter 2000). A fanzine published in magazine format between cardstock covers. Latest issue contains part 2 of an interview with Neil Gaiman, a lengthy review of Brian Stableford's future history, reviews of other works, and a collection of lists, mostly related to science fiction. Subscriptions are $12 for four issues; for information write to P.O. Box 27231, Austin, TX 78755, or e-mail lawrenceperson@jump.net.


On November 15, Ray Bradbury received a National Book Award for lifetime achievement in science fiction. Bradbury's best known novel is the classic dystopia Fahrenheit 451

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