Volume 18, Number 4, December, 2000

Looking Backward

What we learn from the socialists is this: by attempting to define the future, we create the future. We become what we think the future will be. (Milton Mueller, December 1982)


Orwell, who distrusted political forecasters, wrote 1984 as a warning, not as a prediction, and his warning...continues to be heard....( Victoria Varga, Winter 1984)


The Prometheus Award made history by awarding "None of the Above" for the first time. (Victoria Varga, Fall 1985)


In the room where I work for one of America's largest corporations, there are two computers. Each has one megabyte of RAM. Each has about 500 megabytes of disk capacity. One covers 16 square feet and costs $500,000. The other covers one square foot and costs one percent as much. (Michael E. Marotta, Fall 1985)


If the Prometheus is intended to get non-libertarians to read libertarian SF (as opposed to helping libertarians find stuff in tune with their ideology) then it cannot afford to become known as an ideological purity label. (Taras Wolansky, Winter 1989)


Like a naturally evolving, complex ecology—which it is—a freely interacting market is a superposition of millions of feedback loops, compensating systems, and error-correcting mechanisms, all adding up to a system that is rugged, inherently self-stabilizing, and highly resilient to serious disruption from internal causes. (James P. Hogan, Summer 1991)


I would like to request that we not be afraid of considering novels that later turn out to be "unworthy"… The process of deciding and the arguments that result are the most interesting part of being an LFS member. (Victoria Varga, Spring 1992)


When…I get to a brief list of some scary novels that might deserve a Hall of Fame, I must begin the list with…a novel that is the ultimate example of libertarian horror: "He loved Big Brother." With those four words, Orwell gave me a chill that all the graveyard shrouds in the world couldn't make me feel. (Brad Linaweaver, Spring 1992)


When you talk about the "information highway," beware the information highway "cops." Anders Monsen, Winter/Spring 1994)


…if there are n libertarians in a room...there are at least n plus six opinions in a room about any given subject. That's been demonstrated theoretically and empirically. I think it was Heinlein who worked out the proof. (Gregory Benford, Winter 1998)

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