• War of the Werewolf (Prometheus 18:4)

    Volume 18, Number 4, December, 2000


    By F. Paul Wilson

    Forge/Tor, 2000
    Reviewed by Carol Kalescky
    December, 2000

    For those of you who haven't heard about Repairman Jack, here's the story. He's a lone fighter for justice and retribution, a man without a legal social security number, a libertarian to shame those of us who don't buy from Loompanics. Although there are several Repairman Jack novels out now, Wilson keeps each one standing on its own, despite a recurring cast or characters, including the Isher Sports Shop. The writers who are out there who are familiar with science fiction may notice that Conspiracies was edited by David Hartwell.

    This time, Jack takes on a case that throws him into the thick of conspiracy theory. Along the way, we are taught about Little Orphan Annie, the con game monte, and how social security numbers work. The plot with the conspiracy theorists turn extraterrestrial, which horror movie fans might enjoy. This book has a clear libertarian subtext, with material on privacy and the Internet. To sum it up, it was a hoot. I read it twice out of pleasure, not out of duty.

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