Volume 18, Number 3, September, 2000

Robert Sacks, a member of the Libertarian Futurist Society throughout its existence, was found dead in his home on Friday morning, August 18, 2000. He suffered from high blood pressure; preliminary diagnosis indicates an Aortic Dissection as the cause of death. Per his parents' request he was cremated.

Robert was to have been Fall Guest of Honor at Balticon 35, Memorial Day, 2001, his presence will be missed. One of the events that was to be celebrated was his 50th birthday

His family has requested that this information be posted wherever Robert might have been active and welcome contacts from any of these groups. His parents are not Web connected, but can be reached by physical mail at the following address:

David & Dorothy Sacks
8 Seneca Court
Royal Palm Beach. FL 33411

Letters, News, and Notes

Ray Bradbury, winner of the Libertarian Futurist Society's Hall of Fame award for his novel Fahrenheit 451 will receive a lifetime achievement medal at this year's National Book Awards ceremony for his "tremendous impact on every genre of writing."

"Since the 1930s he has been one of America's great literary talents," said Neil Baldwin, executive director of the Nadonal Book Foundation, which gives the award in November. Bradbury joins Toni Morrison, Eudora Welty, and Studs Terkel in receiving the honor.


Victor Koman's first novel, The Jehovah Contract, has been optioned for film by Allan Kaufman, producer of Bruce Willis's comedy The Whole Nine Yards. Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise) is expected to co-write the screenplay with Koman and direct.


Steve Jackson Games has scheduled GURPS Steampunk, by William H. Stoddard for distribution in October 2000. For more information see New Releases at wwm.sjgames.com.


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