Volume 18, Number 2, June, 2000

Letters, News and Notes

Chris Hibbert writes

The short review of L. Neil Smith's The Wardove was interesting and well-written and I found myself recalling the book as I read it. I was then startled to see that it was from me! This has happened before—finding a review in Prometheus attributed to me that I didn't recall writing. (Possibly before the current editor started there.) I suspect that Prometheus' files have a list of email address somewhere that tie my name to someone else's address. All the addresses I use have hibbert as the account name. l'm hibbert@netcom.com, hibbert@agorics.com, hibbert@aimnet.com, hibbert@discuss.foresight.org, and a few others.

In Liberty

Prometheus replies:

The review in question was sent in by Mike Grossberg, in response to an inquiry about obtaining reviews of Hall of Fame nominees for the March Prometheus. It was credited to Chris Hibbert. Perhaps during the multiple stages of transmission, an error of attribution crept in somewhere?

Whatever its source, I agree with Chris Hibbert that it does a good job of presenting the case for drawing Smith's book to the attention of more Libertarian readers. Prometheus will be glad to give credit to the real author if he or she will step up to claim it!

William H. Stoddard
editor, Prometheus


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