Volume 16, Number 4, Fall, 1998

Publishing News

TOR Books is publishing at least two of Ken MacLeod’s novels, The Cassini Division and The Stone Canal in 1999.

Brad Linaweaver’s Sliders, The Classic Episodes will be published by TV Books. It should be out this fall. It’s a trade paperback edition, with both color and b&w photos, and includes plot lines and interviews with the characters.

Don L. Tiggre’s first novel Y2K: The Millennium Bug is in print. According to Tiggre, “[t]he book contains some powerful ideas about freedom, society, politics, ethics, self-defense, and even personal development.”

See http://www.allwest.net/ralston/ The book can be ordered from the publisher by calling 888-795-4274, M-F, 9-5, EST.

Fran Van Cleave’s novelette, “Ataxia in Ataraxia,” is in the Dec. 1998 issue of Analog.

She’s a contender for the John W. Campbell Award for the best new sf writer of the year (qualifying with her short story, “Second Chance,” in the 9/97 issue of Analog). Visit her new web page:


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