Volume 16, Number 4, Fall, 1998

Dear Anders,

I’ve just finished reading Oyvind Myhre’s beautiful essay Science Fiction: a Vision of Liberty in Spring 1997 Prometheus.

Compliments at first to the author. About the libertarian utopia: perhaps Oyvind is a bit confused about libertarianism and anyone’s life philosophy.

Of course, libertarianism is a good tool, a great philosophy to make ourselves in touch with the external world, but not being a totalitarian doesn’t imply thinking of a “totality”.

A libertarian...no, a self-governor of course isn’t necessary a utopian (though Hayek had spoken about libertarianism like the utopia that classical liberalism needs). For example, David Friedman has demonstrated an anarcho-capitalist society can exist, but I think any libertarian can think his “totality,” his utopia.

I think it isn’t a bad thing: to have a personal utopia is like a dream.

It’s important.

Don’t stop dreaming!

Never. Neither to sleep with Dagny Taggart, or Dominique Francon... -:)

Alberto Mingardi
Mandello del Lario, 8/8/98

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