Volume 16, Number 3, Summer, 1998


By Tod Casasent

The Libertarian Futurist Society now has its own domain at www.lfs.org. This means the web pages will be updated more often and the graphics and user interface enhanced and tweaked more readily.

New features of the site include email aliases (webmaster@lfs.org for myself and director@lfs.org for Victoria Varga for example), a new bulletin board system for posting messages online and the capacity for mailing lists.

We will use the LIBFUT list as a general discussion list but have added our own lfs-info-subscribe@lfs.org that is intended as a low-traffic announcement list. As committees approach me, I will add committee-level mailing lists too.

For the technically curious, our provider is www.iperweb.com—an Italian company with servers in the northeast USA. I work on the pages with MS FrontPage 98. Rendered images are usually done with RayDream, Poser and Painter3D. The content of the site as far as text is prepared by the over-worked Anders Monsen. Any corrections or suggestions can be sent to webmaster@lfs.org where I will address the problem or pass it on to Anders.

Most of the testing of the pages is done with MS Internet Explorer 4.0x. When Netscape releases Mozilla 5.0 I will add that to the testing suite. I am trying to make the pages interesting and easy to use. If you have problems with older browsers please feel free to email me.

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