Volume 16, Number 3, Summer, 1998

Prometheus Award News

Ken MacLeod won his second Prometheus Award, for his second novel, The Stone Canal, published by Legend UK. The Stone Canal is set in the same universe as his award-winning novel, The Star Fraction—see elsewhere this page for more MacLeod news. In what has become a familiar refrain, Robert A. Heinlein won the Hall of Fame Award. Heinlein won for the third year in a row. Time Enough for Love edged out H. Beam Piper’s A Planet for Texans, which for the second year in a row lost to a Heinlein novel by the slimmest of margins.

The Fall issue of Prometheus, due out by October, will feature complete coverage of the 1998 Prometheus Awards, to be held at the Worldcon in Baltimore, home of H. L. Mencken.

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