Volume 16, Number 3, Summer, 1998


Lunar traders open for business

The Lunar Resources Company is pleased to announce the reorganization of Lunar Traders, its retail merchandise division, Tim Cadell, the new head of the division, has recently opened Lunar Trader's doors to the public.

“To begin, Lunar Traders will be a purely web-based store. Our catalog is available at http://www.lunartraders.com/catalog,” said Cadell. “We expect to move into paper catalog sales as well, and eventually, classic retail outlets.” Lunar Traders’ initial stock in trade will include Artemis Project ©r; t-shirts, tote bags, and postcards. Expected items coming soon include the first full-size Artemis Project poster.

“The Lunar Resources Company couldn’t be happier with our choice of Tim to take over leadership of Lunar Traders,” said company president Greg Bennett. “Tim’s experience in marketing, combined with his business expertise, is precisely what we needed to get this important piece of the Artemis Project moving in the right direction.

“Lunar Traders began doing business in the summer of 1996, both through the web site and at conventions, but we really needed someone whose main focus was growing this piece of the business,” said Bennett. “We put retail operations on hold while we sought out the right person for the job. Now that we’ve found him, we expect great things to come.”

The Artemis Project (http://www.asi.org) is a commercial venture to construct a manned moon base, with the funding coming from the entertainment aspects of the Project. Merchandise, such as that available from Lunar Traders, is integral to the business plan of returning people to the moon in the near future. The Lunar Resources Company has previously spun off Cyber teams, an electronic communications company, and LRC Publications, a magazine and book publishing house.

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