Volume 16, Number 2, Spring, 1998

A Cyber-Convention for Freedom

By Bill Howell

How would you like to attend a SF convention whose guests of honor included Bob Boardman, James P. Hogan, Victor Koman, Brad Linaweaver, Victor Milán, J. Neil Schulman, L. Neil Smith, and F. Paul Wilson? Wouldn’t it be great to listen to a panel discussion between these fine authors on the subject of Libertarian SF? Well, as they say, “Now you can!”

On one Saturday in November, 1998, all of these authors and more will participate in the first online convention for libertarian authors, VIRTUALCON 1, sponsored by the Liberty Round Table. There will be a one-hour panel discussion, followed by an hour during which each author will be available individually. There will be audio for sure and possibly video, allowing you to attend a convention with zero cost in travel time or money. There also will be several non-fiction libertarian authors attending and conducting their own panel and personal discussions.

If this sounds interesting, be sure to check out the Liberty Round Table’s VIRTUALCON information web page at: http://home.utah-inter.net/don-tiggre/lrt.conf1.htm for the latest updates.

As long as you’re there, you might want to check out some of the other cool activities sponsored by the Liberty Round Table.

As last year’s Prometheus winner demonstrated, much of the future of liberty will be in cyberspace. Here’s another chance for us all to use the power of this new technology to our individual benefit. See you all at VIRTUALCON

Meanwhile, in the Bradlands...

Brad Linaweaver and J. Neil Schulman did a two hour online chat (assisted by Kent Hastings) on February 28, for CyberTeens, the outfit that has been serializing Brad’s The Land Beyond Summer online.

Vanessa Koman, along with dad Victor and Brad Linaweaver (plus sf writer John DeChancie and Kent Hastings) appear in Fred Olen Ray’s Mom’s Outta Sight. By the time this issue of Prometheus is in your hands, Linaweaver and company will have appeared in another Fred Olen Ray film—this one about a kid with x-ray eyes.

Free Space (co-edited by Linaweaver) stories by William F. Wu, Robert Sawyer, and James P. Hogan made it into Locus’ recommended stories in their 1997 year in review issue. Interesting to note that none of these stories were even mentioned in Martin Morse Wooster’s hatchet job review in Liberty. Reviews of Free Space continue to appear, among them one by this journal’s editor, in Nova Express.

Linaweaver notes that Victor Koman’s Millennium novel Weeds will appear as an audio tape before it appears as a book. Famous sf fan reviewer Richard E. Geis has just given a good review to Kings of the High Frontier, in Science Fiction Review.

Linaweaver has signed a Wishbone contract! However, his first Wishbone book will not be based on Faust as earlier reported in Prometheus. Watch this space for further developments on Faust—but in the meantime, Linaweaver’s first Wishbone novel will be based on Edgar Allan Poe’s classic mystery story, “The Gold Bug.” The book is being done in collaboration with a veteran Wishbone writer, Brad Strickland. The byline will read “By Brad Linaweaver and Brad Strickland.” After years of doing a Brad and Brad comedy routine at southern sf conventions, and appearing in many anthologies together, the “Brad and Brad Show” finally will have a book.

Linaweaver continues to place many articles. For Filmfax, he’s done a Barbara Steele interview, and a piece on Lost in Space. For Cult Movies, he’s done pieces on the monsters of American International Pictures, the Vincent Price/Roger Corman/Edgar Allan Poe series, Lon Chaney, Jr.’s Inner Sanctum series (in collaboration with Fred Olen Ray), Bela Lugosi’s The Invisible Ghost, and a review of Fred Olen Ray’s new horror rock and roll cd, Scared Topless. Linaweaver promises a detailed update from Fredland, along with ordering info on the cd.

Linaweaver and Daffyd ab Hugh are participants along with Timothy B. Kyger, Gordon Sollars, and Robert G. Kennedy III, in a symposium on Heinlein’s predictions in The Heinlien Journal. There have been two issues so far. Edited and published by Bill Patterson, 112 North Croft Ave, #3, Los Angeles, CA 90048. Subscription $5 per issue, $2 per off-print, payable in negotiable instruments made out in US funds. Send email to the editor at: bpral22169@aol.com


This is the 47th issue of Prometheus; Number 50 is approaching quickly. What better time to reflect on the purpose of LFS and Prometheus?

Prometheus is not a rah-rah journal, as suggested by a libertarian critic; it is fair and polite. The mission of LFS is to promote and honor libertarian sf. This does not equate to knee-jerk praise of every libertarian novel that comes along. Debate has always been encouraged, and present—see the long-running controversy on The Dispossessed. I believe political ideas and fiction can fuse into something interesting and exciting. It doesn’t always happen, but Prometheus honors the effort as well as the results.

Next issue. July, 1998; Deadline for submissions, June 30. Reviews of books by Ken MacLeod, F. Paul Wilson, Harry Turtledove, James P. Hogan, as well as the 1998 Prometheus and Hall of Fame Award winners.

—Anders Monsen

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