Volume 16, Number 1, Fall, 1998


G. HARRY STINE (1928-1997)

By Fran Van Cleave

G. Harry Stine, SF and technical writer, died Sunday, November 2 at the age of 69, The probable victim of a stroke or heart attack.

His wife Barbara found him slumped over his keyboard. His last words on the screen were "Save to disc."

Author of more than 50 books on space exploration both fiction and nonfiction, Harry won his pilot's license in 1944 at the tender age of 16. An expert in model rocketry, in the 1950s he became the man with 'the million dollar finger' at White Sands Missile Range, detonating rockets that had gone ballistic.

Fired from Martin Aerospace the day after Sputnik was launched for too-candid comments to a reporter regarding America's sluggish space program, Harry went on to give technical data to the talking heads of TV during the Apollo moon shot. He then embarrased the heck out of NASA with a book Shuttle Down, which exposed NASA's [garbled --Editor] emergency plan in all its glorious detail.

He Is survived by his wife, three children, two grandchildren, and as Pete [name garbled --Editor] put it, "all the rest of us who want to go into space."

G. Harry Stine's philosophy was not to pay back, but for each of us to "pay forward."

Toward that end, his family has founded the G. Harry Stine Space Pioneers Memorial Fund. It will be used to establish scholarships for young people whose interests lie in pioneering the next great frontier...space.

Donations may be made to:
G. Harry Stine Space Pioneers
Memorial Fund
Care of: Bill Stine
6012 East Hidden Valley Drive
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

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