Volume 16, Number 1, Fall, 1998

Publishing and people news

Brad Linaweaver reports that his first Wishbone novel (based on the popular children's PBS television series) will be an adaptation of Faust. He will not be coming up with his own title for this. That's probably just as well ,considering that he wanted to call it Demon Pooch.

His second title was The Devil's Doghouse. The next book project for Linaweaver and Ed Kramer is a novel, Killing Time. There is a contract and watch this space for development.

Fred Olen Ray reports that he has sold "Little Miss Magic", starring Vanessa Koman, to both American and foreign markets. It definitely will be on American television this year. Vanessa also will be working in another Fred Olen Ray movie Real Soon Now.

Brad Linaweaver reports that he is unit publicist on Ray's next film, "Fugitive Mind".

Kings of the High Frontier, along with 39 other novels, is on the Nebula preliminary ballot.

Vernor Vinge is near completion of his next novel. A Deepness in the Sky, intended as a prequel to his Hugo Award winning novel, A Fire Upon the Deep, may see publication in 1999. "True Names", due out early 1998, contains both the original novella, and non-fiction essays by several notable writers.

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