Volume 15, Number 02, Spring, 1997


In this issue we reprint a great essay by Øyvind Myhre, a science fiction writer from Norway. Myhre pushes the need for a radical vision of liberty, and the will to dream. It is a timeless view, inspirational and highly individualistic, reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau, and proudly reprinted here in Prometheus.

We also continue to include quality libertarian fiction, this time with a story from libertarian ‘new’ writer Zach Smith. He’s been around a few years, and already has won several awards for his short stories [His anthology is reviewed on page 14]. He’s a writer we’ll hear much of in the near future.

More fiction is scheduled, including an original story by Brad Linaweaver, “School Prayer,” appearing in the summer issue. I’ve called this the “Free Space” issue, since the focus is going to be on this much-vaunted libertarian anthology. We’ll have an original interview with Linaweaver about his anthology and other recent experiences, and a “missing” story that was cut from Free Space. You don’t want to miss it. Obviously, things are cooking at LFS and Prometheus. As usual I welcome comments, reviews, insights, and good art.

The 1997 Prometheus Awards will be held at the WorldCon in San Antonio, Texas. We are aiming for a Saturday evening presentation, very likely held immediately after a panel on Free Space.

The WorldCon runs from August 28 to September 2. For membership and hotel information contact the folks at LoneStarCon 2, Box 27277, Austin, TX 78755. 512-472-9944; email: lsc2@io.com.

Now for some publishing news. Brad Linaweaver reports that his Sliders Episode Guide is due out this October, by TV Books. Victor Koman’s novel Kings of the High Frontier, ignored by the New York publishing world, but available at www.pulpless.com, received a glowing, six-column long review in the recent May issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction, by Charles de Lint.

Book notes: The review copy of Terry Pratchett’s Feet of Clay did not arrive as expected, so the scheduled review has been delayed. We’ll try to review L. Neil Smith’s new novel as well, but due to publishing schedules, this may not happen until the fall issue. Deadline for submissions for the summer issue is July 1. The LFS web pages will be updated soon, with a sample issue of Prometheus online.

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