Volume 15, Number 01, Winter, 1997

Prometheus Project

James P. Hogan’s alternate history novel, The Proteus Operation (originally published by Bantam in 1985), is due for rerelease as a paperback by Baen Books in December, 1996. Bug Park, a new Baen Books hardback, is scheduled for Spring 1997. Hogan is exploring the world at the microscopic scale this time, using direct-neurally coupled, remote-driven, micro-miniature robots. We can count on Hogan to get the science right.

Those people interested in Hogan’s shorter fiction will be excited to note the rerelease of Minds, Machines, & Evolution. Afterwords were added where appropriate, on reviewing the material 10 years later. Again, this will be a Baen Books paperback, with a release date not yet announced, but probably around summer of 1997. And to accompany the above, a second, similar collection, bringing together short pieces from more recent publications, plus some that are new. Tentative title is Rockets, Redheads, and Revolution.

Another Baen Books project is the extension of the novelette, “Silver Shoes For a Princess” [the first item in Minds, Machines, & Evolution] into a series of four linked stories spaced roughly at ten-year intervals, to be packaged into a single volume. To date the first three are completed.

Also scheduled is a non-fiction, popular-level book for Ballantine Books on Artificial Intelligence. Release is targeted for Spring of 1997.

Brad Linaweaver reports that Vanessa Koman, daughter of sf writer Victor Koman, is starring in the feature film Little Miss Magic, for Royal Oaks Entertainment. This is another of the many Fred Olen Ray productions. Rapid Assault, another Fred Ray film, includes a scene of Victor Koman and Linaweaver as terrorists who are blown up.

Linaweaver promises detailed reports on Vanessa Koman’s acting career in the next issue of Prometheus.

Linaweaver is featured in several recent anthology appearances. Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula, is a hardback out from WhiteWolf and includes a by now familiar trinity of contributors: “Vamway” by Linaweaver, “Blood-lover” by Victor Koman, and “So Proudly We Heil!” by Fred Olen Ray.

Another White Wolf anthology is a Michael Moorcock special, Pawns of Chaos. It includes “The Last Short Story Writer at end of Time” by Linaweaver (in which Samuel Edward Konkin III's New Libertarian Manifesto makes an appearance!), and “Editor” by Dafydd ab Hugh. A recent mass market paperback, Miskatonic University, the latest HWA anthology of the year from DAW Books, includes Linaweaver’s “Scavenger Hunt.”

A previous DAW anthology, Andre Norton's Catfantastic IV, includes “Professor Purr’s Guaranteed Allergy Cure,” by Brad Linaweaver and Dana Fredsti. [Note: See Prometheus Vol. 14, No. 1, which featured Fredsti and Linaweaver on the cover, along with Victor Koman and well-know actress Brinke Stevens.] To wrap up the Brad Linaweaver report, Prometheus breaks the exclusive news that Linaweaver is writing Sliders: The Episode Guide, for TV Books. The project is receiving full cooperation from MCA Universal. What this means is Linaewaver is getting to interview “damn near everybody.” He also has carte blanche, which means he will be working in some philosophical and science fiction discussions, placing this popular Fox TV series in a context Prometheus readers should enjoy a lot.

Web-mavens will find a positive listing of Linaweaver in J.J. North and Kikki Fritz’ online venture, Reel DV8 Productions, at http://www.reeldv8.com/

In the October, 1996 issue of Locus, Jack Williamson reports in an interview that he is working on a libertarian science fiction novel, called The Stellar Convergence.

Williamson, 88, says that he voted Libertarian in the 1992 election, and has been wanting to write a libertarian novel for quite some time. The story is about a county in Kentucky that declares independence. Williamson’s novel, The Humanoids, has been nominated for the Hall of Fame Award several times.

Libertarian sf/fantasy writer and Point Of Ares’ bassist-vocalist Karen Michalson is interviewed in this month’s issue of Revolt Magazine, a Toronto-based music magazine with national readership in the US and Canada. You can access Michalson’s interview on-line at: http://www.interlog.com/~energizr/poast.htm

POA’S Enemy Glory CD is receiving airplay throughout the northeast and getting attention nationally. Selections have been solicited by In the Red Radio out of Minneapolis for national broadcast sometime next year.

Check out POA’s homepage at: http://www.ultranet.com/~ares

Ken MacLeod has sold two novels, The Cassini Division and The Light Company, to UK publisher Legend. Both novels are in the same universe as Prometheus Award winning The, novel Star Fraction, and his recently published follow-up, The Stone Canal. MacLeod’s publisher was optimistic that a US publisher soon would line up to release the novels in the US.

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