Volume 15, Number 01, Winter, 1997


Publications Received

FOSFAX 183, edited by Tim Lane and Elizabeth Garrott; PO Box 37281, Louisville, KY 40233-7281. 72 pages, $12/6. Nicely done newsletter with reviews, essays, Letters of Comment. Very political, with wide range of opinions. One of the most important fanzines in the field.

NOVA Express, Vol 4, No. 2, 1996, edited by Lawrence Person; PO Box 27231, Austin, TX 78755-2231. 34 pages. $12/4. Long interview with Walter Jon Williams and extensive bibliography of the author. Essays on Hong Kong cinema, reviews.

Free Life, Number 25, May, 1996, edited by Sean Gabb; The Libertarian Alliance, 25 Chapter Chamber, Esterbrooke Street, London Sw1P 4NN, England. 32 pages, $20/4. Libertarian commentary and essays, with article on Libertarian science fiction by Chris R. Tame.

Stuck in Traffic, edited by Calvin Stacy Powers; 2012 Talloway Drive, Cary, NC 27511-50511; powers@inter-path.com. Email subscriptions free, regular mail, $10/12. In its own words, “current events, cultural phenomena, true stories.” Always refreshing, often off-beat. Issue #19 includes an essay on why we need the Macarena.

Urkallan, Volym 2, nummer 1, 1996. edited by Per Ericson; Dragabrunnsg. 50 E/2tr, 753 20 Upsala, Sweden. 16 pages. 100 kr/yr. Swedish libertarian newsletter with articles by Robert Higgs, Richard Ebeling, others. Fiction and non-fiction reviews.

Spacemen (no publication number or date, but bound with Cult Movies No. 19, 1996. $30/6. 6021 Sunset Blvd Suite 152, Hollywood, CA 90028), edited by Forrest J Ackerman. Features “2001: A Tribute,” by Brad Linaweaver, “Men into Space” by Victor Koman.

New Isolationist, edited by Samuel Edward Konkin III; Vol. 1., No. 3, October, 1996, $7.500 single copy.291 S. La Cienega Blvd., #749, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Purely foreign policy and no sf redeeming qualities whatsoever, but articles by Brad Linaweaver and J. Neil Schulman.

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